Reflection of Participants on ‘Remote Teaching Training Course’

Anna Kozubovska (Chernivtsi Region)

This made me more aware of modern means of teaching. Professional development of any teacher will not do without it.Practical aspects of this course were a treat,a candy


Nataliia Kondratieva (Zakarpattia Region)

This course made me use some new techniques/platforms in my online and offline lessons. The greatest contribution to my professional development is keeping up to date with new ways of conducting lessons and putting the theory into practice constantly. In my opinion, the course should last longer. I would like to share the knowledge I got here with my colleagues in my school/town. The course also gave me an opportunity to meet new friends and exchange the teaching experience with them in terms of Remote learning. Thank you for sharing and introducing modern means of teaching English.

Olena Nozdrachova (Chernivtsi Region)

By providing an opportunity for me to use new information in great discussions this team work helped me learn to correct misunderstandings and organize my knowledge for future use. This course showed me that a properly organized promoting teaching and learning would help students recognize and think about their own growing understanding. In my future designed flipped classrooms I will try to provide my pupils with a variety of tools to work with material outside of class. It's always a pleasure to meet new people. It is especially satisfying when you communicate with professionals. I’ve learned a lot of interesting things for myself, many of them will be beneficial to me in my work. Of course, we all are friends and will communicate.

Tamara Kovalenko (Volyn Region)

The course has had a considerable influence on my teaching experience as well as on my personality. I have gained a great abundance of new skills (both communicative and technical). This short period of time was highly informative, up-to-date and useful! I can highly estimate all the efforts made by the British Council and our trainers. Having got acquainted with Zoom during the lock down period I couldn't realize all the opportunities it can afford. We can use the given information and materials any lesson, even face-2-face, not necessarily during lock down period. Why not? I have met some of the participants before, but also made some new ones. Many thanks to everybody!!!!!!

Tetiana Karpuk (Volyn Region)

This course changed my ideas about remote teaching. I got many new hints and skills,this course made remote teaching for me much more easier. These days were filled with a lot of interesting information, very useful information. I learned some platforms , I have never used, learned more about flipped classes, learned pros and cons F2F and remote learning, I can not imagine my teaching without Zoom, Padlet,Mind Maps. I am interested how to open rooms for discussions? Of course i will use these materials. At lessons, participating in E-Twinning project and another ones. I am very thankful for the trainers and British Council for this course, I made friends and got o lot of positive emotions!!!

Виктория Гарбуз(Volyn Region)

All the material taught at the couse was uptodate and useful for me and helped me to deepen my knowledge on remote teaching and learning using Zoom. I feel much more confident now about how to use annotation, whiteboard, breakout rooms on Zoom and online tools which my students can benefit from. Although the content of the couse was rather relevant it was a bit hard for me to fit the course into my busy daily routine with teaching 6-7 lessons every day at school. I will definitely share the materials with my clleagues and apply the gained knowledge in my teaching practice.I have made friends with teachers from other regions and I'm going to stay in contact with them. Thanks everyone for fruitful collaboration!

Svitlana Vintoniv (Zakarpattia Region)

This course has broaden my mind and developed my teacher's skills a lot. Each tool and activity which have been given to us were really interesting and useful. Flipped lessons, new teacher resourses, the comparison of face 2 face and online lessons will help us to manage the learning process in an appropriate way. I consider such course is uptodate and useful for all teachers. It made all of us feel more confident about Remote learning. It would be great to share the knowledge I got here with my colleagues Thos course also gave a chance to meet lots of experienced teachers and make a lot of new friends. Thanks a lot to our tutors and British council for such a great course!

Ivanna Melen (Zakarpattia Region)

I really enjoyed Remote teacher training. I feel better equipped to use new platforms, channels and tools: Lino, Menti, Padlet. The training was informative and useful. The content was well suited and delivered. The training made a considerable influence on my teaching experience. I got many skills. The gained knowledge made RT for me much more easier. I feel more confident about how to use annotation, screen sharing, whiteboard on Zoom. Also the training is a good chance to meet new friends. A bunch of thanks to Marianna Stepanivna Trifan, Svitlana Anatoliiivna Batsmai, Svitlana Mykhailivna Kurysh.

Zoia Sidenko (Zakarpattia Region)

This course changed my opinion about remote teaching. It made me use some new techniques/platforms/tools in my remote and face-to-face lessons. I think the course contributed my professional development greatly.In my opinion more time for practice should be added to the course to make it a more beneficial experience for participants.I hope to share the knowledge I got here with my colleagues in my school. I am very thankful for the trainers and British Council for this great course. I made friends and hope we will communicate. And of course I got o lot of positive emotions!!!

Iryna Khytra (Volyn Region)

This course opened new opportunities for me in distant teaching. I learnt about new platforms and tools. Lockdown made me look for ways of teaching my students, I used Zoom but I couldn't even imagine its scope. The course is very informative and demanded. But it should be longer to provide more time for practice. I am going to use my new knowledge in the classroom and share information with the teachers of my district. I met a great team of trainers here. Thanks a lot for your work and support! I made friends with nice colleagues from other regions. Hope for cooperation in future!

0lga Ristic(Volyn Region)

The course made me confident about remote learning. Now I know much about the resources to support RL.

Inna Havryliuk (Chernivtsi Region)

Remote Teaching Training course was based on practical implementation of the exposed material. Started from the very first day, I discovered various Zoom's features and took into consideration E-safety which is the growing problem now. Explanation of synchronous and asynchronous teaching was built on flipped classroom approach which we discovered later. The course shaped my understanding between face-to-face and remote teaching as many of "traditional" activities can be done remotely. Though, a remote teaching is in an urgent need now, it has the obligatory and varied components. What I am really thankful for is the diverse tasks which allowed to practise Zoom's toolkit, padlet, linoit, Google Classroom and Forms, mindmeister and mentimeter. I am grateful to our trainers for sharing their experience, patience and the ability to correct our mistakes on our own. The course was based on the listening and speaking skills development, so I think it might be beneficial for the participants to discover platforms for remote reading and writing teaching in practice as well. I plan to share my experience with the colleagues from my school and explain them how to use Zoom to the fullest extent. I met my old friends and made new ones here and really anticipate our future cooperation.

Alla Shevchuk(Chernivtsi Region)

Frankly speaking, I was really happy to spend this time so fruitfully together with professionals. It's a great motivation for further self-development. I have been using Zoom in spring but now I feel I really became a keen user of it. I got aquanted with more useful tools which make my Zoom meeting more colourful and effective. I'm looking forward to more such interesting and unforgettable courses in the nearest future. I hope we'll meet our new friends there! See you!

Lidiia Neduzhko(Chernivtsi Region)

This course has made me more confident in teaching lessons online via Zoom and using its features. i've discovered more details about E-safety and how to protect my students and myself on the Internet. The course helped me to distinguish synchronous and asynchronous teaching, F2F and online classes and dlipped clasroom. I really appriciate the variety of tasks which allowed the participents and me to practise Zoom's toolkit, padlet, linoit, Google Classroom and Forms, mindmeister and mentimeter.I want to thank our Great and Wonderful trainers for sharing their experience, patience and tolerance. in my opinion, I would add more time for practicing. I'm planning to share my experience with the collegues from my school (not only English teachers) and explain them how to use Zoom. I met friends from my region and made new ones from other regions and I hope will stay friends in the future and organize some interesting events. I'm really looking forward for more interesting courses in the future!!!! See you (the same team) there!!!!! P.S. I've got lots of positive emotions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vira Zayats(Chernivtsi Region)

Remote Teaching Training course changed my attitude to distance teaching and I learned how to use different Zoom's tools and the benefits of working with padlet, linoit, mindmeister, mentimeter, how to solve the problem with TTT (how to reduce my TTT and length STT). Our trainers gave us a clear explanation of the difference between synchronous and asynchronous teaching. They showed how to organize the flipped class. They made me be not afraid of remote teaching, because RT is cool! I 'm planning to share my experience with my collegues from my school and district. I made new friends here and I hope we'll cooperate with them in future! I want to say thank you to our trainers, to coordinators of this project, to all participants for support, experience and positive emotions! I'm looking forward for another interesting projects (courses, seminars). See you!!!

Kseniia Nikoriuk(Chernivtsi Region)

This course helped me to improve my knowledge аbout remote teаching. I turned out аbout new useful plаtforms (such аs lino, mindmeister, pаdlet etc.), difference between synchronous аnd аsynchronous leаrning аnd how plаn lesson effectively, using technologies. It wаs very importаnt for me to get to know how to reduce tt during the clаss аnd find the solution to this problem. The way we can learn and study is not just changing, but changing for the better. We’re experiencing previously unheard of methods of teaching and studying, and discovering new ways of collaborating in the process. Thаnks for the course!

Don't wait to be Great

As life progresses, all of us are guaranteed to face a variety of circumstances, changing environments, and new roles that require you to adapt to them. This kind of development courses for English teachers helped me, personally, to handle the pressures that come with the continuous changes and challenges, so that I am well-equipped to excel in all the areas in our life. Personal development for a teacher is an ongoing process of self-improvement either in career, in education, in our personal life, or in all of these areas. It is about setting goals for yourself and putting plans in place to reach those goals.

Tania Shovak(Zakarpattia Region)

The course was vey informative and educating. It was a great opportunity to practise smth new. This course helped me to deepen my knowledge how to use zoom. It gave me the understanding of flipped classsroom and that we can use flipped teaching during our classes in school. The course was motivating. Thank you.

Ірина Гарбар (Volyn Region)

This course has helped me develop new strategies for both: traditional and remote classroom, made me rethink not only how I presented the course material but how I presented myself as a teacher. There are lots of online resources, but now we know which ones are really trustworthy and how to use them more effectively. I am sure this information will be useful for my colleagues and friends and I am going to share it.

Наталія Рипіч (Volyn Region)

Thanks to this course I have become more confident in using Zoom, lesson planning in the online context, e-safety, flipped classroom and a lot more. What is more, I am going to use the obtained knowledge in my online and offline teaching and share this experience with my colleagues. I am going to use a flipped classroom method as soon as possible. It would be great if the course could last longer so that all the participants could try different roles like being the hosts of the conferences. We made friends and I hope that we will communicate and collaborate in future.

Inna Pekuliak (Chernivtsi Region)

This course helped me to differentiate between lessons in the classroom and remote ones. Now I will be more confident during the lesson on zoom. I will definitely apply acquired knowledge in practice. On that note, keep on doing exactly what you’re doing because we appreciate the challenge of this course, it greatly prepares us for the challenges we face today.