Впроваджуємо новітні амерканські технології


За підтримки Посольства США в Україні розпочинається проект професійного розвитку вчителів англійської мови сільських шкіл. Метою проекту є запровадження нових підходів та методів навчання та вивчення англійської мови через новітні американські технології. Проект став реальністю завдяки ініціативі випускниці програми міжнародних обмінів «Партнери в освіті», вчителя англійської мови загальноосвітньої школи села Чорна Тиса Рахівського району Тетяни Цуперяк.


Project Description:
This small project is aimed at increasing English fluency nationwide in line with the 2016 agenda of the “Year of English in Ukraine” campaign through a professional development program for rural EFL teachers.
The main objective of this project is to develop an English language instruction course appropriate for middle and high school students based on American ESL resources.  This goal is the first step in a larger plan to introduce modern approaches and methods of teaching and learning English using American teaching techniques.  Educational program will also provide tools to teach civics in English, as well as such issues as tolerance, cultural, ethnic and religious differences in this multi-cultural region of Ukraine.  The critical role of these actions is to train teachers to teach English and civic responsibility effectively, providing the next generation of children in the region opportunities for civic involvement and professional development.
An extensive training program will be developed and delivered to 60 secondary schools teachers from 30 rural schools of the Trans-Carpathian region.
Project Stages Include:
American educators will be consulted first, to help develop appropriate curricula, recommend textbooks and tests.  Web specialists will develop the project web graphics and design for their online program in the initial stage of the project.  The project will be implemented in cooperation with the local Department of Education and the Regional Institute of Post Diploma Education.  Project staff will comprise of US Exchange Programs Alumni who will volunteer on the project to meet its goals.  200 copies of a 50 page booklet based on publications fromamericanenglish.state.govwill be distributed to the regions teachers, and will be hosted online for viewing.
  Other project Activities Include:
-An introductory conference for the teachers before the project.
-A training seminar as a follow up on how to implement the conference ideas.
The project’s implementation will be covered by a local TV station “Tysa” as well as other local media outlets.  All materials developed by the project will be posted on the Department of Education web page. The organizers also expect to create and maintain a network of program participants.

Project Duration:  March 2016 – March 2017